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Get ready to have a blast learning American Sign Language (ASL) with the "Stick 'em Up!" Sign Club!

Regardless of your skill level, there's something for you when you join the "Stick 'em Up!" Sign Club!


We offer so much more than the ABCs of ASL!!

Since 1994, the "Stick 'em Up!" Sign Club has produced high quality sign language videos that make you laugh, make you learn, make you SIGN!!! 


Our 3-DVD set with companion Study Guide takes students from the basics to an intermediate level.  Lessons feature exercises that put students right into the action, helping to make learning and retaining ASL easier and fun!


Students will learn ASL vocabulary, common phrases, days of the week, colors, and numbers.  In addition, many extra features provide insight into Deaf life and culture, as well as ASL linguistics.  


In the "Stick 'em Up!" DVD series, signs are clearly demonstrated, often from dual angles for full visibility, and labeled with English captions.  Immediately following demonstration, these signs are used throughout scenes of natural interaction–appearing without captions–for a challenging, fun way to learn American Sign Language! 

Outstanding features of our program include:

  • The “Stick ‘em Up!” Effect: Acquiring language through exposure to natural interaction with simplified dialogue 

  • Advanced ASL vocabulary used by Deaf persons not found in other DVDS, online catalogs or books

  • Over 300 signs and phrases demonstrated by expert Deaf signers

  • Brief linguistic lessons which provide useful insight on how ASL works

  • Exciting and humorous mini-movie series spoofing the controversy related to cochlear implants 

  • A Study Guide offering the more serious ASL student a challenging, comprehensive study course

  • Use of humor designed to hold especially the younger viewer's interest, resulting in a fun and engaging learning experience 

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